How parishes can promote priestly vocations


  • Holy Hours for Vocations. Have a special Holy Hour to pray for priestly and religious vocations.
  • Rosary for Vocations. During the rosary mention candidates by name.
  • Eucharistic Procession for Vocations. On the Feast of Corpus Christi, consider dedicating your Eucharistic procession to pray for vocations to the priesthood and religious life.


  • Workshops for Altar Servers. Teach altar servers about vocational discernment.
  • Parish Discernment Groups. Small groups of boys or girls led by parish priest or sister, with help from parents, to help them understand vocations. Consider the Melchizedek Project.
  • Collaboration with Boy Scout Troops. Scouting has long been a friend of vocation promotions. There is even a special camp at Philmont for boys considering the priesthood.
  • Attend ordinations. Coordinate for confirmation students or youth groups to attend an ordination.
  • Elijah Cup. In this program, a chalice that is used at Mass it brought home by a different family each week. It is kept in a special place by the family, who prays each day for more vocations.


  • Vocations library. Keep a special corner of the vestibule stocked with vocation-related materials.
  • Poster/coloring/ essay/video contests. Organize a contest with a vocations theme for students.
  • Vocation stories. Invite priests to tell their vocation stories at parish events.
  • Web page. Create a page on your parish website with vocation information.

Other Ideas

  • Celebrate ordination anniversaries. Honor parish priests and celebrate within the parish and school.
  • Support Seminarians. Send greeting cards to each seminarian at the beginning of a new semester, holidays, exam times, birthdays, ordinations, etc.
  • Vocation Director. Invite him to the parish for a weekend, for Mass and a meal with parish families.