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Joyfully Conformed to the Crucified Christ – Fr. Robert Dunn | Casting the Net Podcast

May 26, 2022

What a special episode this is!

Though we recorded back in March, we’re publishing this interview today, May 26th, 2022, my 4th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood! This week’s guest is none other than Fr. Robert Dunn, the priest who first inspired me to consider the priesthood! In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that without Fr. Dunn I would not be a priest today.

Fr. Dunn, a Manhattan native, was ordained a priest in 1992 (the same year I was born!!). After three years serving the good people of Incarnation Parish in Washington Heights and a brief sick leave, God’s providence would bring Fr. Dunn to a beautiful parish overlooking the Hudson River in Ossining, namely St. Augustine’s. There, the young priest and this four-year-old future priest were introduced, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Fr. Dunn, who was my confirmation sponsor and who preached the homily at my first Mass as a newly-ordained priest, has always encouraged me to listen for God’s call to the priesthood without every saying, “Michael, I think you should consider the priesthood.” He let his own life and priesthood do that.

Fr. Dunn has always been a beacon of joy to me and all who have known him, even and especially in the midst of suffering, of which he has endured much. His preaching is at once light, funny, and relatable as well as profoundly prayerful and intellectually stimulating.

This episode is not to be missed!!!

I promise you’ll enjoy this interview with Fr. Robert Dunn.

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Most importantly, please pray for me, for Fr. Dunn, for your parish priest, for all priests, for all future priests, and all deceased priests.