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Do you love Christ and His Church? Is the Lord calling you to minister to His people? Every unmarried Catholic young man should prayerfully consider the priesthood.

Could God be calling you to be a priest?

Discernment is a process of drawing closer to Jesus, learning about the priesthood, and praying intensely about the Lord’s will for your life.

What Do Priests Do?

Priests do far more than celebrate Mass and pray all day. The life of a priest is busy, demanding, challenging—and incredibly rewarding.

Most priests live happy, fulfilling lives. They love the people they serve, and in turn, are loved by their parishioners.

Learn to Discern

God made you for a unique purpose. Even before you were born, he knew your vocation, your mission in life.

And if you are a faithful Catholic man, God may be calling you for a higher purpose—to become a Catholic priest.

Take the Discernment Self-Test

Grade yourself on 20 short questions. See if you might have a priestly vocation!

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Resources to pray for and promote vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

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Resources to teach students about Catholic vocations and how to discern God’s call.

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Ways that Catholic families can help their children remain open to their vocations.